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What is a teaching philosophy statement?

All individuals who have a desire to be successful in their chosen profession, should at times throughout their career, reflect upon their practice. A teaching philosophy statement is a document that aspires to illustrate the way in which a teaching professional applies their education, background, and experience to facilitate student learning.

Why write a teaching philosophy statement?

There are certainly several practical reasons for a statement of one’s teaching philosophy. This may be utilized as a tenure dossier document or as a part of the application process for a teaching position. There are many reasons to use a teaching philosophy statement as a guide of how one uses all the elements that one brings to the class to benefit student learning and achievement.

During the process of developing such a philosophy statement, it is helpful to contemplate your own personal theory of learning, your goals for instruction and the roles and motivations for both the instructor and the student.

It can be helpful to consider the following when writing your teaching philosophy:

  • how your views of teaching have changed over the years
  • what changes you have implemented in your instructional methods to increase student achievement
  • approaches and methods you have tried and reflections upon their success or failure
  • An analysis of these elements can provide a framework for a statement of teaching philosophy.

    A guideline for your statement of teaching philosophy

    A teaching philosophy should be a well written summary about your beliefs, but should not be a manifesto. Written in a first person narrative style it can reflect not only your philosophy of education and teaching, but who you are as a person. Perhaps the most important part of any statement of philosophy is that it be a revisable document that will continue to evolve as your experience grows and your approaches in the classroom will as well.

    Do you have an existing teaching philosophy statement that you would like us to review?

    We will read your existing philosophy statement and make suggestions based on what we hear from clients and deans about what is working and what is not in the market.

    Feedback takes about four business days.

    You provide

    Your teaching philosophy statement.

    You receive

    Feedback within 4 business days. We make the recommendations, and you make the changes.

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